580 – Dragon Ball – Krilin (Namek) – Production cel C2

580 – An original hand painted production cel from the Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Anime series. Slight handling wear from production. Original production cel, Anime Cel, or celluloid, is a transparent plastic sheet composed of cellulose acetate. In the same format as the douga, the celluloid is painted by hand. The outlines of the character are traced on one of the sides (the douga being placed under the celluloid, allowing it to be traced), filling the silhouette thus obtained with an opaque gouache on the other side. Each production celluloid is therefore by definition unique. Until the dawn of the 2000s, the creation of celluloids constituted the last step drawn on support to create animation. Since the switch to computer colorization in the early 2000s, celluloids are no longer used in the production process of animated series and films. Which further intensifies their rarity on the collectible market every year. Original production cels were used in the creation of the television show. Each has been hand-painted by studio artists on a piece of celluloid acetate, and has been photographed over a background painting to create a frame of the finished production. All animation art and production drawings (layout, douga, genga, cel) sold by Galerie de la Bande Dessinee are safely sealed in archival bags with acid-free backing boards to keep the production art protected. Original production cels are a spectacular addition to any animation art collection, and a great way to enjoy the artistry behind your favorite Anime series and animated series.

Dimensions 27 x 24 cm ( 10.63 x 9.45 inches )

Media type

1 200