505 – Dragon Ball – Krilin wants to kill Vegeta – Genga D3 – DBZ episode 35

505 – An original hand drawn production drawing, here a genga, from the Dragon Ball Anime series. Featuring a scene from episode 35, where Krilin wants to kill Vegeta with Yajirobe’s sword. Made with graphite pencil and color pencils on animation paper. Slight handling wear from production. Genga is the first original animation drawing representing the key poses of an animated sequence. There will always be the start and end keyframes of the sequence, and sometimes a few intermediate gengas, depending on the length and complexity of the scene to be animated. The gengas are the main drawings of the animated sequence. They are made by one of the key animators of the anime. He draws the outlines of the characters, the areas of shadow and light on the genga and often adds annotations. Original production drawings are one-of-a-kind pieces of animation art. Prior to the creation of cels (until the early 2000’s) or the digital painting, each character pose and action must be drawn in pencil. These drawings are the artistic backbone of the film or television show, and are much in demand by collectors. All animation art and production drawings (layout, douga, genga, cel) sold by Galerie de la Bande Dessinee are safely sealed in archival bags with acid-free backing boards to keep the production art protected. Original production drawings are very desirable, because it is at this stage that the animators really brought the characters to life. Original production drawings are a spectacular addition to any animation art collection, and a great way to enjoy the artistry behind your favorite Anime series and animated series.

Dimensions 27 x 24 cm ( 10.63 x 9.45 inches )

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