Original comic book art by French comic book artist Pierre Jeanneau.

Born in Poitiers in 1989, Pierre Jeanneau graduated from the Fine Arts School of Angoulême in 2011. In 2010 he co-founded Polystyrene, a publishing house that specializes in experimental and fun comic books that question the form of the book as object.

Starting in January 2016 he self-published the chapters of Connexions (Connections) in the form of fanzines. In October 2020 the first six chapters were then published in a single volume by Tanibis.

This axonometric story will please Chris Ware’s fans as well as those who appreciate the use of specific language in comics art.

Pierre Jeanneau’s comics art shakes up the classic rules of the art form: the panels become diamond shapes strewn across the pages which let the reader decide the order of reading. With the goal of creating a fluid narration and an accessible work, Pierre Jeanneau’s panels bring us a different kind of comic strip, open to multiple possibilities.

The original comic book art of Pierre Jeanneau is published in Connexions (Connections).

Pieces of Pierre JEANNEAU