Cyril VILX

Original comic art by French artist Cyril Vilx.

Starting at the end of the Nineties, Cyril Vilx created his first graffiti in Angoulême. Passionate about drawing, he combined graffiti and illustration in narrative work. Moving to Canada, he painted freight trains exclusively and developed various themes such as marginalization, unemployment, travel and freedom.

The Idées noires (Die laughing) by Franquin affected him at age 15, and in 2022 Cyril Vilx published his own thoughts: Foutu archifoutu (Screwed Super Screwed). Horizontal murals in which misshapen characters are laying down and proclaiming terrible truths about others. Oscillating between misanthropy, melancholia and poetic brilliance, Cyril Vilx’s murals are emotional powerhouses. They combine his love of the line, both supple and extremely precise, with romantic hopes for the human race.

To discover one of Cyril Vilx’s drawings is to join a conversation already in progress, or suddenly appear in the middle of a slapstick scene that accentuates our faults, our contradictions, and our hopes. It’s also the opportunity to allow our reader’s gaze, often strait-jacketed by a classic narration, to flit from one of the many, many details to another in these truly illustrated strips.

The original comic art of Cyril Vilx is published in Foutu archifoutu (Screwed Super Screwed).

Pieces of Cyril VILX