Original comic book art by French comic book artist Loic Guyon.

Born in 1984 in Lyon, Loic Guyon completes his art studies in 2008. In 2010 he travels extensively around the United States and fills his sketch pads with drawings of what he observes. Back in Lyon, his lodestone, he enrolled in Arbitraire studios in 2011. Besides illustration work and mural painting, in 2012 he worked on the backgrounds of the animated series Portraits de voyages de Bastien Dubois (Travel Portraits).

In 2015 he published his first graphic novel L’Enragé du Ciel (Crazy about the Sky) at Sarbacane. This is the epic and unbelievable story of Roger Henrard, flying ace and major figure in the beginnings of aerial photography. The scriptwriter was Joseph Safieddine who is Henrard’s great grandson.

In 2017 Loic Guyon moved to Angoulême and wrote and illustrated L’américain (The American), a jubilant story filled with improbable and unbelievable scenes that Sarbacane published in 2021. L’américain is part of the official selection of the 2022 Angoulême International Comics Festival.

Original comic book art by Loic Guyon, published in The American.

Pieces of Loïc GUYON