Original comic art by Swiss artist Simone Baumann.

Born in 1997, Simon Baumann spent her childhood in Horgen near Zurich. She dropped out of high school at 15 and enrolled two years later in the Zurich art school F+F. At 18 she created and self-published the fanzine 2067, with each issue made up of autobiographical stories.

In 2017, at the Lucerne Comic Book Festival, she won the Fumetto Prize for her fanzines. She met the artists Julie Doucet, Nicolas Malher and Thomas Ott who encouraged her to continue her work.

In 2019 she was awarded Zurich’s prestigious Culture Prize for Literature. The same year she published her first panels in the magazine Strapazin. In 2021 many of the stories in fanzine 2067 were published in one volume: Moderne published it in German (Zwang) and Martin de Halleux published it in French (Simone et moi).

For the most part Simone Baumann’s stories deal with turmoil, melancholia and depression, but her depiction of the world, made up of grotesque characters and farcical situations, transforms daily life into offbeat quirky fables.

Simone Baumann’s original comic book art is published in Simone et moi, from Martin de Halleux.

Pieces of Simone BAUMANN